Pomegranate Extract Organic (120 Capsules)
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Pomegranate Extract Organic (120 Capsules)
Pomegranate extract is made from the freeze-dried juice of pomegranate seeds. 100% certified organic. With 25% polyphenol content, a natural source of polyphenols. Processed with care for the active ingredients. High-quality organic pomegranate extract with a polyphenol content of 25%....
16,99 €

The plump red fruit with its juicy little seeds is becoming more and more popular in our country. The pomegranate originally comes from the area of today's Iran, Armenia and northern India. Today it grows in large parts of Asia and the Mediterranean region. It is a shrub-like tree that grows up to 5 meters high and 3 meters wide and can live for several hundred years. At flowering time, the tree bears bright red flowers and apple-like fruits called pomegranates. The pomegranate appears as a symbol in many different religions.

The taste is slightly tart and very fruity. Due to the lack of pulp, you can get a lot of juice from the fruit.

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