Grapefruit Extract (120 Capsules)
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Grapefruit Extract (120 Capsules)
Grapefruit extract obtained from the grapefruit. By means of extraction, this valuable natural substance is highly dosed with an extraction ratio of 10:1. The powder is filled into vegan HPMC capsules.High-quality raw materials as well as gentle processing in our...
16,99 €

The grapefruit (lat. citrus ×paradisi) is an orange colored plump fruit with juicy flesh. The interior takes on a white, yellow or red color, depending on the variety. It originated at that time from a cross between orange and grapefruit and has a sour, bitter and slightly fruity taste. Grapefruit is also known as Adam's apple or paradise apple. The evergreen grapefruit tree can reach a height of 15 meters and now grows in many countries with subtropical climate. The main country of grapefruit cultivation today is the USA with 60%.

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