Black Garlic Extract (150 Capsules)
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Black Garlic Extract (150 Capsules)
High quality black garlic extract with an extract ratio of 10:1. The polyphenol content is 3%. Each capsule contains 350mg of extract. This is equivalent to 3500mg or 3.5g of garlic every day. Black garlic extract is obtained by fermentation...
16,99 €

Black garlic (Allium sativum) is not a special variety of garlic. It is the fermented form of commercial garlic.It originated in Asia, where black garlic has a long tradition. To produce it, garlic is left to ferment for several weeks in a room with high humidity and 70°C temperature. At the end of the process, the garlic has taken on a black colour and a jelly-like consistency. In addition, black garlic has a sweet taste and is slightly reminiscent of plums and liquorice.

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