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The cashew nut (lat. Anacardium occidentale) is actually not a nut at all, but a kernel and belongs to the exotic sumac family. The cashew kernels grow on the cashew tree, which prefers the tropical climate. The tree bears a cashew apple, which in turn bears the elegantly curved nibble. The deciduous tree originates from Brazil and was brought to Africa and India by the Portuguese 400 years ago. You can easily make your own cashew puree and cashew milk from the healthy kernels.

Cashew nuts from controlled organic cultivation. To ensure the excellent quality, the raw material is controlled and bottled in our factory in Germany. Free from any additives and therefore extremely digestible. Suitable for vegans and all those who pay attention to a balanced, relaxed lifestyle. Buy cashews now!
100% cashew nuts from controlled organic cultivation (DE-ÖKO-005).

Organic according to EC organic regulation

Non-EU agriculture