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Discover our Gin Botanicals Set for true connoisseurs with the finest organic gourmet spices. Create new variations and flavours easily and quickly. A unique gift idea for friends, acquaintances or even work colleagues. The perfect gift for a special person as well as for every gin lover - carefully and lovingly handcrafted and individually bottled!

Prepare your own gin from vodka & juniper berries and refine it with selected spices.

An exciting taste experience is guaranteed! Juniper berries form the basis of every gin, star anise and lavender provide a woody spiciness, the Schinus berries bring in a peppery flavour and the coriander provides a pleasantly bitter aroma.

To ensure the excellent quality, the raw material is bottled and certified in our manufactory in Germany. Free of any additives and therefore extremely compatible.

Recipe for making your own gin - very simple:

Wash out a sealable glass bottle with hot water. Put the juniper berries into the bottle with a funnel. Then pour in 1 litre of vodka. Leave the vodka with juniper berries to infuse for 24 hours, protected from light.

Select the botanicals and press them down lightly before adding them to the gin. Only then can the flavour develop.

Add the spices to the gin at a temperature of about 20 degrees Celsius, as this is the only way to release the aromas. The botanicals should steep in the gin for at least 48 hours. Only then can the gin be chilled.

Be creative and invent your own taste!


Lavender, schinus berries, juniper berries, coriander & star anise - all ingredients from organic cultivation (DE-ÖKO-005).


Organic according to EC Organic Regulation