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The green tea Gunpowder Temple of Heaven is also called "Zucha" or "pearl tea". The tea leaves are formed into shiny balls by hand and rolled. The tea has a greenish colour and tastes fresh and slightly tart. The water for the infusion should have a maximum water temperature of about 80°C. The name of the green tea translates as "jade snail of spring", as the rolled leaves are reminiscent of small curled spirals. Already in the Ming Dynasty, this tea was considered one of the "ten great teas" in China. In spring and autumn, the 3-5 youngest shoots are picked. Rolling protects the leaves from damage and is more likely to preserve flavour and aroma.

Loose Gunpowder green tea from controlled organic cultivation. To ensure the excellent quality, the raw material is controlled and bottled in our manufactory in Germany. Free from any additives and therefore extremely compatible. Suitable for vegans and all those who pay attention to a balanced, relaxed lifestyle.

2 min - 5 teaspoons to 1 litre - 80°.

Green tea Gunpowder from controlled organic cultivation (DE-Öko-005).

Organic according to EC-organic regulation