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Highly aromatic, fragrant and with a mild, slightly sweet taste. A Lung Ching that can surprise with its variety of flavours even after several infusions. It has a striking yellow-glowing cup colour. Lung Ching translates as dragon well tea. This name is said to derive from the shape of the leaves, which are reminiscent of flying dragons. The production of this Lung Ching is very complex. It is processed by hand, so that special care is given to each individual leaf. To begin with, the freshly harvested tea is repeatedly pressed by hand in wok-like pans and then cooled. It takes around 8 hours for 1 kg of Lung Ching tea to be ready through constant heating, pressing and cooling.

2 mins - 6 teaspoons to 1 litre - 80°.

Green tea from controlled organic cultivation (DE-Öko-005).

Organic according to EC-organic regulation