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In Japan, this noble tea variety is usually chosen to pay special tribute to guests. This Gyokuru has an exquisite, dark green leaf quality. A distinguished, seductive delicacy for friends of top Japanese teas. It has an exquisite bouquet and a fresh, delicately tart note. Enjoy this Gyokuru Superior slowly and in small sips so that the taste can develop in the mouth. Gyokuro is a Japanese classic. In spring, the tea bushes are shaded with black nets about two weeks before harvesting, so that the plant develops a high chlorophyll and caffeine content but hardly any tannins due to the shade growth in the young leaves. Therefore, these teas are extremely invigorating, but rather mild in taste. Only about 5 percent of the sunlight penetrates the nets. Gyokuro is one of the world's most expensive teas. Only the uppermost, freshly grown leaves of the plants are harvested, steamed and then dried during the rolling process. Gyokuro (roughly meaning "noble dewdrop") is the highest quality Japanese tea and is characterised by its noble green colour and its highly aromatic, mild taste.

2 heaped tsp, 55-60°C, 250-300ml, 2 min.

100% Gyokuro from controlled organic cultivation (DE-ÖKO-005).

Organic according to EC-organic regulation

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