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The mildly sweet and spicy cinnamon is the typical ingredient in rice pudding, plum jam, baked apples, gingerbread and cinnamon stars. However, it has long been used not only at Christmas time, but also to refine hearty dishes. In many countries, savoury dishes are spiced with cinnamon, making it a year-round treat. Cinnamon has a firm place in Greek moussaka, Moroccan lamb and oriental kebabs. With the scent of cinnamon, an exotic breeze immediately wafts through the kitchen. Cinnamon is an integral part of many spice mixtures that you can make yourself according to your taste. In Indian curry, Chinese 5-Spice and the fiery, fruity jerk from Jamaica, cinnamon is the ideal companion to other spices. Cinnamon is excellent for flavouring drinks. It is particularly tasty in chai tea, apple punch and hot milk with honey and cinnamon. Here it can fully develop its warming and soothing aroma. Ceylon cinnamon (lat. Cinnamomum verum) is considered the "real" cinnamon. It is much milder and more valuable than the cheap cassis cinnamon available on the market.

To ensure the excellent quality, the raw material is controlled and bottled in our factory in Germany. Free from any additives and therefore extremely compatible. Suitable for vegans and all those who pay attention to a balanced, relaxed lifestyle.

100% Ceylon cinnamon, ground (Cinnamomum verum) from controlled organic cultivation (DE-ÖKO-005).

Organic according to EC organic regulation