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    Image: Shutterstock, Biotiva Why "1 Product = 1 Tree"? For global reforestation The earth is 4.6 billion years old. Scaled to 46 years, we have only been inhabiting it for 4 hours and our industrial revolution started less than a minute ago. In that time, humanity has destroyed more than 50% of the world's forests. 15 billion trees are cut down worldwide every year....
  • Warum_Baeume


    Bild: Shutterstock, Biotiva Warum Bäume so wichtig sind? Auf unsere, im Dezember ins Leben gerufene, Initiative “1 Product = 1 Tree” sind wir besonders stolz: Gemeinsam mit Eden Reforestation Projects und mit Deiner Hilfe schützen wir die Natur und kämpfen gegen Klimawandel, Hungersnot und Armut - und zwar mit Bäumen. In diesem Blogbeitrag erfährst du, warum wir uns dafür entschieden haben und welchen positiven...
  • Oatmeal banana cookies with guarana

    Here is a delicious snack recipe with our guarana. A real pick-me-up, guarana is a highly caffeinated fruit that grows in the Amazon region of South America. With its 3.9% caffeine content, the jungle plant is a real powerhouse. This makes it the ideal energy supplier for people looking for a substitute to coffee.
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