Matcha Spoon (Bamboo, Chashaku)

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Our Matcha dosing spoon (also called Chashaku) is particularly suitable for making your perfect Matcha tea. Enjoy a pleasurable matcha experience. The spoon should not be missing when preparing matcha tea, because it is particularly good for measuring the matcha powder. The chashaku is part of every traditional Japanese tea ceremony. Our matcha spoon is made of 100% bamboo and is approx. 19 cm long. To clean, simply hold under warm water, please do not put in the dishwasher.

Match tea - Use the spoon (chashaku) to measure out the matcha powder and place in the matcha bowl, pour over 80 ml of water (approx. 80°C hot) and stir and froth with the matcha whisk.

1x matcha spoon (jap. (chashaku).

Organic according to EC Organic Regulation