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Biotiva Matcha tastes simply great: as matcha tea, matcha latte, in baking recipes like matcha cake or in green smoothies. Whether matcha ice cream, matcha biscuits, muesli with matcha: it tastes good in every situation! In contrast to green tea, with matcha the whole matcha powder is ingested. The leaf is slowly ground very finely with a granite mill in the production process. Due to the oral intake of the whole powder, the absorbed nutrient content is higher by a factor of 10 than with a green tea infusion.

Matcha powder from controlled organic cultivation. To ensure the excellent quality, the raw material is controlled and bottled in our manufactory in Germany. Free of any additives and therefore extremely compatible. Suitable for vegans and all those who pay attention to a balanced, relaxed lifestyle.

Put 1g Matcha powder in a bowl, pour over 80ml water (approx. 80°C hot) and stir and froth with the Matcha whisk.

100% organic matcha from the Wuji tea garden from controlled organic cultivation (DE-ÖKO-005).

Organic according to EC organic regulation